LatherLass-SoapHandmade soap is a popular commodity not only because it is luxurious and customizable, but also because it is cheap and fun to make.

LatherLass is dedicated to providing a directory of soap recipes that are freely available on the web, neatly categorized and labeled, all in one place. We have 2704 recipes categorized so far!

Many recipes include tutorials, so for now we’re not focusing on soap-making tutorials. Hot-process and cold-process methods of making bar soap are not necessarily recipe-specific, so try them out, make modifications and come up with a special blend of ingredients to call your own. Melt and pour soaps are fun to customize too, and the possibilities are endless.

We do not yet have our own recipes to recommend for making soap (we’re still experimenting!) but we do have our own recipes available to make household cleaning and personal care products, so feel free to browse or download our free eBook.