Coffee and Chocolate Bar Soap Recipes

I fall into the unusual category of people who dislike coffee in any form, but I am by far the minority; coffee is often used in soap as a fragrance, exfoliator, or both. I am, on the other hand, a big fan of chocolate, which is often used in soap as a fragrance and/or colorant. Here you will find a variety of recipes for both coffee bar soap and chocolate bar soap.

A Recipe for Kitchen Coffee Spice Bar Soap

Beginners Guide to Making Soap (With Coffee Grounds)

Cafe Soap Recipe

Caffe Latte Cold Process Soap

Chai Latte Love (CP Soap Tutorial)

Chai Latte Soap

Chai Latte Soap

Cheryll's Cafe Au Lait Soap

Chocolate & Vanilla Cold Process Soap

Chocolate & Vanilla Layered Soap

Chocolate Almond Soap

Chocolate and Roses Valentine Soap

Chocolate Chunk Cookie Soap, Day One

Chocolate Chunk Cookie Soap, Day Two

Chocolate Cold Process Soap

Chocolate Hazelnut Soap

Chocolate Lover's Silky Exfoliating Soap Recipe

Chocolate Marble Soap

Chocolate Mint Layered Soap

Chocolate Orange Christmas Soap

Chocolate Peppermint Soap Cupcakes Tutorial

Chocolate Soap

Chocolate Soap

Chocolate Soap Recipes

Cinnamon Cocoa Cold Process Soap

Coffee & Heavy Whipping Cream Soap

Coffee and Cocoa Soap Recipe

Coffee and Cocoa Soap, Easy 3 Oil Recipe and Tutorial

Coffee Bar

Coffee Butter & Monoi Soap with Squalane

Coffee Butter Cold Process Soap

Coffee Cold Process Soap Recipe

Coffee Kitchen Soap

Coffee Oil Soap

Coffee Scented Soap Recipe

Coffee Scrub Cold Process Soap

Coffee Soap

Coffee Soap

Coffee Soap

Coffee Soap

Coffee Soap

Coffee Soap

Coffee Soap Recipe

Coffee Soap Recipe

Cold Process Chocolate Coffee Soap

Cold Process Coffee Soap Recipe

Cup o' Joe Coffee Infused Soap

DIY Homemade Chocolate Truffle Soaps

Espresso Shot Cold Process Tutorial

For the Love of Coffee (Butter)

Handmilled Coffee & Bourbon Vanilla Homemade Soap Recipe

Homemade Coffee Soap Recipe

Homemade Mocha Soap

Homemade Vanilla & Chocolate Soap

Hot Chocolate Soap

How To Make Coffee Cold Process Soap

How to Make Coffee Soap

Layered Coffee & Cocoa Cold Process Soap

Marvelous Mocha Moose Soap

Minty Mocha Mantra Marble Cold Process Soap

Natural Coffee Kitchen Soap Recipe

Natural Coffee Kitchen Soap Recipe

Odor Neutralizing Emollient Coffee Soap in Juice Box

Sharen's Coffee Cinnamon Soap

Simple Coffee and Cinnamon Soap Recipe

Simple Coffee Soap DIY

Simple Coffee Soap Recipe

Starbucks Vanilla Coffee Soap Recipe

Sweet Chocolate Mousse Soap

Turkish Mocha Cold Processed Soap Log Recipe

Two-Layer Chocolate Coffee Soap

Vanilla Bean Latte Soap

White Chocolate Soap Recipe

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